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The state of Goa has extended its Goa State curfew from Friday evening to August 2, after the latter day’s party ended. In some areas of Panaji, where the state police were deployed along the stretch of toll booths in order to prevent illegal constructions, the Goa State Guard cut down all lights along the stretch. It also imposed a ban on all fire crackers along the toll booths.

There are reports that demolition of various buildings in and around Panaji began immediately after the state police lifted the Goa curfew. The state police has also imposed a terrorism law, which prohibits anyone from possessing any automatic or semiautomatic rifle or machine gun in Goa.

These provisions were imposed to avert the spread of terrorism in the state. Earlier this year, a shipment of AK-47 rifles was found in Goa, following an intelligence operation by the state police. The shipment originated from Pakistan and was destined for the mountainous region of Pakistani Kashmir. According to Goa’s administrative Head, Alameli Maramba, the new Goa State
curfew will be strictly enforced from Friday evening till Sunday evening.

when the Goa State tour program returns to the city. “We will carry out random checks for vehicles, schools, colleges and places of worship to ensure that people behave accordingly. If someone is found to be inside the premises of a building without a valid permit, then his head will be slapped till he goes back to the venue,” Alameli told the assembled media on Wednesday.

Alameli assured the public that the implementation of these rules will not affect Goa’s tourism revenue. He also promised that the state police will visit all such venues to check on people inside and outside. “The worst case scenario is that tourists will have to leave Goa because we will not be able to register their vehicles,” he added.

Hundreds of armed personnel and police officers will be deployed throughout Goa throughout the state during the entire month of January. Earlier in the month, the state police had also threatened to impose stringent rules on vehicles and people inside Goa after they discovered that many vehicles were carrying illegal
drugs. The state government had taken note of this issue and decided to implement a zero tolerance policy towards such acts of drug trafficking and consumption.

The Goa state patrol has also made a number of recommendations to the administration and local police officials to prevent and reduce crime in Goa during the festive season. Tourism in Goa is tremendously high and the state is one of the prime tourism
destinations in India. “If all the crimes in the country are reduced by fifty percent, we can expect a twenty percent increase in tourism revenue in Goa,”

Tourism Minister Ravi Deo told the media on Wednesday. Tourism is the single most important industry in Goa and the annual turnover of the state’s economy is $2.5 billion. The government’s decision to extend the state-wide curfew could easily affect the travel business in Goa. Many tourists traveling to Goa for the holidays this year may find themselves unable to travel to the state due to the new order passed by the state administration. The tourism industry in Goa is already suffering due to various factors such as increase in flight traffic and accommodation prices, increasing crime rate and lack of security.

Tourism in Goa is completely dependent on the influx of tourists from across the world. Besides the revenue generated by the tourism industry, the wealth of the art, culture and food of Goa are something that attracts the attention of tourists from all over the globe. The tourism revenue of Goa is also partially supported by the state’s rich marine life. The coastal cities of Goa such as Panaji, Debolim and Mumbai have become a hot tourist destination among those looking for adventure in the seas or seeking a relaxation holiday by the Riverside.

The state tourism department has recently started planning to expand its tourism infrastructure in the state capital and has already sanctioned a huge budget for the same. In order to facilitate the implementation of the new measures by the administration, the state has also offered a substantial package
to the airlines in the form of free tickets and reduced costs to encourage their relocation to Goa.

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