How to Have Sex Outdoors

Outdoor sex is not for everyone. However, outdoor sex is an awesome experience that’s worth trying. Apart from its naughty appeal and the panic that partners feel when having sex outdoors, the practice offers a unique thrill that can truly enhance your sex life. You can have it with your wife, girlfriend or Las Vegas Strippers. Nevertheless, outdoor sex offers a rare opportunity to explore your fetishes while connecting with nature. There are many outdoor spaces where you can have this encounter. They include by the beach, in the woods, desert, pool, patio, and garden among others.

If you want to try outdoor sex, here are tips to keep in mind.

Wait for a Nice Weather

Weather might not prevent you from having sex outdoors. However, the experience won’t be enjoyable if it is freezing. Having sex when there are very strong winds blowing and you are all covered in snow can even be dangerous. The best time is when the weather is warm and not too windy outside. Even if you can’t wait for warm temperatures, at least do it when the weather is calm.

Find a Hidden Space

You don’t have to do it in the open where everyone passing by can see you to make the experience memorable. In fact, such boldness can see you become a sex offender, even if you are not. Whether you are out in the woods or at the beach, find a spot that is secluded from the public to ensure that you feel more secure to enjoy great sex.

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